Money And Spirituality: Why It’s Possible To Have Both

For centuries it has been a common belief that money and spirituality don’t, or shouldn’t, mix. Jesus himself said that “it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God” (Mark 10:25) and so believers have long advocated the notion that wealth makes us less spiritual.

Rather than stay within religious circles, the idea that money and spirituality should be kept separate has become one of the most common beliefs in nearly all aspects of society. It is not unusual for us grow up in environments that claim money is the root of all evil (also derived from the bible) and money doesn’t buy happiness. Whilst this last saying is certainly true, it has given us a distorted view of wealth.

Money is neither good nor bad. It is simply an object – notes and coins – which we have labelled with a value. There is the standard monetary value which is out of or control, but also the individual value we attribute to it. Finding a £10 note, for example, will evoke varying degrees of excitement from different people depending on their views towards money. It is seeing money as the object it is that can enable us to unite our spiritual side with our monetary desires.

As a spirit we are infinite beings; we lived long before we chose this physical form and we will live long after it. This part of us is not only eternal, but it is also limitless and because of this expansion feels good. Denying ourselves wealth directly opposes the unlimited being we are at our very core which is why we often feel conflicted when it comes to money. Deep down we like the feeling of unlimited abundance because it resonates with our spiritual side, but we are caught up in the limited thinking of the rest of society and so feel that we have to deny ourselves wealth so that we can fit in.

However, no matter what the topic limitation is limitation, so capping the amount of abundance that could flow into our lives is still putting a limit on the good we deserve. By denying ourselves wealth we are punishing ourselves by thinking there are limits to what we can enjoy. This ‘one or the other’ mentality doesn’t enhance our spiritual experience, nor does it make our physical one any more enjoyable.

Instead we need to revaluate our approach to money and see it as a tool for positivity. It enables us to feel free, secure and at ease. It also provides luxury and the means to be spontaneous, all of which resonate with the unlimited nature of our souls. But the way we use our money doesn’t have to end with ourselves, indeed it is thoughts such as this that have perpetuated the idea that people with wealth are greedy and selfish. Having money means that we can give back in a way that we couldn’t do if we were constantly worried about paying the bills. We could treat our family, donate to charity or, if we had the time, set up our own charitable programme.

The fact remains that believing money is incompatible with being spiritual is a misconception that generations have fallen into believing. We, however, can begin to revert this thinking by appreciating and welcoming all the good that comes into our lives. When we use money properly, for our own good and the good of others, we can have a positive impact on the people and environment around us and this is the most spiritual act of all.

Image Source: morguefile (earl53)


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