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Holistic Health: Finding The Balance Between Mind, Body And Soul

It’s no secret that keeping our bodies healthy is important. Nowadays we are inundated with new diet crazes and exercise programmes all claiming to be the next best thing for our health and it’s clearly having an effect on us Brits. Last year, the UK Health and Fitness Industry was reported to be worth over £4 billion, a rise in nearly 4% from the previous year and a trend that is set to continue.

Whilst working for a healthy body is important, we shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that we are more than just flesh and bones, so, to cultivate a truly healthy state we must also pay attention to our spiritual and mental health. This is what is known as the holistic approach – the belief that our mind, body and spirit are connected.  It may seem overwhelming working on our physical, mental and spiritual health but doing so could help to improve our overall happiness.

So, if this approach sounds like the perfect one for you, here’s some tips on how to achieve that perfect balance:

The Body

Nutrition is paramount when it comes to a healthy body so consider eating a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and grains. It may be that your body works best eating some foods and avoiding others, but the important thing is to find what works for you. When your body agrees with the food you nourish it with, it will reward you with optimum health.

Exercise is also important for maintaining a healthy body. Again, different activities will suit different people, so find one you enjoy and are comfortable with. It may be that you decide to incorporate walking into your daily routine, or you may prefer to be more active and train for a marathon. Either way, you’re taking steps to keep your body healthy.

The Mind

Our mental health is something many of us don’t give enough thought to. We all have a mind that works 24 hours a day and yet we forget, or are unaware, that this too needs looking after. Our mind needs exercising as much as our body, just in a different way.

To exercise your mind try engaging in meditation every day. This doesn’t have to be for long; begin with five minutes to start with. By spending a few minutes every day in mediation you can train your mind to become clearer and more focused. You’ll also see a significant decrease in unhelpful and tormenting thoughts.

There are many different forms of meditation such as mindfulness, loving kindness and Kundalini which could all have a beneficial impact on your mental clarity and health. You could spend some time researching mediation to find what is right for you.

The Soul

The very essence of our being is spiritual, so exploring this side of ourselves connects us to who we really are.  You may wish to exercise your spirituality through religion, in the form of prayer for example. If you do not follow a particular religion you could explore science as a way to understand who we really are and how we have evolved. Or, you may simply choose to get to know yourself better and finally reveal the real you to the world. If religion or science isn’t for you, practicing kindness, forgiveness and gratitude is a sure-fire way to nourish your soul.

Taking a holistic approach to life encourages you to consider all aspects of your being. By experimenting with some of the ideas above you could make a huge difference to your overall wellbeing, so why not give the holistic approach a go and see the difference it could make to your life?

Image Source: morguefile (Archbob)


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