How To Lose Weight The Spiritual Way

Have you ever tried to lose weight only to find yourself unable to keep the momentum going? We all start with good intentions but for some reason as we get further into our mission, it becomes harder and harder to stick to our new habits. For so many of us, weight loss becomes a chore to contend with every day of our lives and one we feel we’ll never conquer. But, rather than a lack of will power, falling off the weight loss wagon could be the result of focussing on unhelpful practices.

The biggest contributing factor to weight gain, overeating, is not the problem. We overeat because of a problem. Most often we do this out of fear, insecurity or even self-loathing, but whatever drives us to overeat is what we really need to focus on if we truly want to reign victorious in our battle with the bulge.

With this in mind, the way to stabilise our weight isn’t to demonise certain foods or restrict food so much that we come to resent it, but to change what drives our unhealthy relationship with it.

Taking time to get to know the emotions behind our food triggers could be the difference between conquering our battle with food or letting it conquer us.

So, here are a few ideas on how to use spirituality to lose a few of those extra pounds:

Build Your Self-Esteem

We often think an increase in confidence is one of the pleasant side effects of losing weight, yet thinking that we can be happy with ourselves once we’ve reached a certain weight is actually the cause of our problems. Our struggle losing weight is borne out of our insecurity about our body. Low self-esteem causes us to have a distorted relationship with ourselves and in turn, our external environment such as food. By building up our confidence our issues with food and our weight will naturally subside.

 Change Your Goals

Attaching a number to our body teaches us to be unhappy until we achieve it. Sustaining it indefinitely only heaps the pressure on. So rather than set our focus on reaching a certain number of pounds, we should aim to be healthy. This might mean that we don’t need to reach the number we’ve always told ourselves we have to, but this can bring the peace of mind that struggling with food never will.

Forgive Yourself

Weight loss often causes so much self-criticism: we berate ourselves for putting on weight, we feel guilty when we don’t stick to our eating plan and we punish ourselves with obscene diets. Our lives are filled with restricting calories and denying ourselves treats and so every day becomes a battle. Weight loss will occur best when we stop punishing ourselves. So we need to stop feeling guilty and instead praise ourselves for every little step we take to make our bodies healthier.

Although there are countless diets, meal plans and exercise programmes on the market, it is through loving who we are that we’ll finally dissolve our demons with food and cultivate a strong, healthy body.  So don’t hold back, start appreciating who you are and watch the pounds drop off.

Image source: morguefile (pippalou)



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