3 Simple Steps For Mastering Your Mind

For many of us the idea of mastering our mind is a difficult one to come to terms with. We have been taught to think of the mind as a powerful and almost uncontrollable part of us. Yet, what we don’t realise is that the mind is completely answerable to us: we are its controller.

In the words of Dr Joe Dispenza, the mind is what the brain does. It is a psychological response to a biological process and, although it is incredibly hard to analyse due to its non-physical nature, we do know that the mind isn’t in the driving seat, even though it may feel like it most of the time.

So how do we reign in a tormenting or limiting mind? Well, below are three important steps that can help put you back in the driving seat and teach your mind who’s boss!

Step 1: Become aware of what you are thinking

The first step to controlling negative thoughts is to be aware of when you have them. Make a promise to yourself to become conscious of your thoughts and notice the inner dialogue that you have with yourself. Although this may take some practise, the more you try the easier it will become. Make it your mission in the morning to be more aware of what you are thinking whilst you are getting ready for work. If you can, keep a journal handy to make some notes. You might be surprised at how many negative thoughts you have even before you leave the house.

Step 2: Change your inner dialogue

If you discover that you have more negative thoughts than positive ones, make a conscious effort to change these. Being more aware of your thoughts will enable you to identify the reoccurring negative beliefs that you just can’t shake. As soon as you notice a negative thought, stop yourself and change it to something positive. Developing this as a habit will train your brain to focus on positive thoughts over negative ones.

Step 3: Praise yourself

Many of us who take the time to become consciously aware of our thoughts discover many unpleasant ones creeping in more than we may have realised. We become so used to thinking them that we are almost numb to their presence. One way to change this is by appreciating who you are and the things you do every day. Make it your habit to praise yourself for everything, regardless of how big or small it is. When you land a promotion; praise yourself. When you pay your bills on time; praise yourself. When you make the perfect cup of coffee; praise yourself!

Although the steps above may seem simple, committing to them can lead to immeasurable consequences in your life. Practising these steps as often as possible will enable you to be more in control of your mind, improve your confidence and offer a sense of clarity. With persistence you will wear down the resistance you feel when you first start, for although these steps seem straightforward, they do require a certain amount of will power if true change is to be seen.

But most importantly of all, making an effort to consciously control your thinking shouldn’t be a chore. Use this as an opportunity to find out who really are and who you really want to be. Rather than spending your days on autopilot, you can now become the creator and this puts you in the ultimate position of self-empowerment.

Image source: morguefile (hotblack)


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