How To Keep The Momentum Behind Your Manifestations

If you’re familiar with the law of attraction chances are you’ve tried your hand at deliberate creation i.e. purposefully trying to attract that which you want in your life. For some, deliberate creation is easy because getting into alignment with your dreams feels so good it can be a natural process. But, oftentimes, we find ourselves sabotaging what we really want to happen and instead attracting more unpleasant circumstances. So why is it that there are some aspects of our lives that we just can’t seem to get in order? And why do other people find it so easy?

There may be many reasons your desire may not have manifested just yet, but there is one shift in perspective that could help to draw your dreams to you without creating conflict between your thoughts and feelings.

When we think about manifesting we’re always told to focus on the end result; concerning ourselves with the how, when or why of our desire is not our job. Whilst this is sensible advice, it doesn’t always help us to clear the conflict we may be feeling about not yet having what we want. We can focus on the new car, the bulging wallet or that special someone but if we feel an ounce of doubt in it coming to us, it will always remain out of our grasp.

What we need to consider is that when we try to manifest the object we dream of is actually not what we are after – it’s the feeling we crave. When we set our sights at creating abundance what we are actually asking is for is the feeling of freedom, security and spontaneity. The expensive holidays, designer clothes and multiple homes are what we assume will allow us to feel free, secure and alive.

Shifting your thoughts from the objects you desire to the feeling they can provide changes your perspective towards your dreams. Rather than wish for the ‘things’ manifestations can bring you, focus on the feeling you get out of it. When you decide that the most important factor in your life is to be happy for no reason other than it feels good and natural, you allow your good to flow to you because you are constantly in a state of receivership.

Realigning your focus also helps to quell any conflict you might be feeling about not yet having received the things you have tried to manifest because you are quite simply not focused on them. Instead, you are only concerned with living a life that makes you feel happy.

Manifesting objects and circumstances feels good, but the real you – the spiritual you – is after the feeling of joy and exhilaration that being in a continual state of happiness brings. So, if your manifestations are taking a little longer than you hoped, or you are finding some conflict between your thoughts and feelings, maybe it’s time you took your focus off them all together. Forget what you think you want and what you ‘need’ and give yourself the best present of all: being happy simply because it feels good. When you master this, the rest of your dreams will fall into place.

Image source: morguefile (hotblack)


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