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The Placebo Effect: How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body

The Placebo effect is a well-known phenomenon concerning the idea that our mind can play a vital role in healing our body. A placebo is something that isn’t deemed to be medically healing, an example being a sugar pill. A sugar pill is nothing more than the name suggests: sugar in pill form. However, in medical trials patients taking a sugar pill (when they think they are taking real medication) have reported staggering recovery rates. This begs the question that if people can recover from an illness simply by taking a sugar pill, what is causing their bodies to heal?

The answer can be found in the form of expectation. When we expect something to happen (a pill to cure us, for example) our body reacts to the expectation and ensures it does happen. So with this in mind, how can we use this to our advantage in our daily lives?

Well, when it comes to healing our body our mind should be focused on positivity. By thinking of healing and health rather than the illness we force our mind to become more optimistic about the situation. Add in the expectation that we have already recovered and our body will respond to this instruction.

Now this isn’t to say that medication or anything else prescribed by a doctor should be ignored, but coupling expectation of recovery with medication may very well help healing to happen at a faster rate.

But, in order for us to monopolise the placebo effect we must truly convince ourselves that it is working or has worked already. This, after all, is the basis of the phenomenon. If we affirm that we are well but don’t believe it i.e. there is a niggling voice in the back of our head denying it, then chances are the placebo effect won’t happen. Expectation is the key.

The beauty of the placebo is that it is not only limited to our body; it can also be utilised when it comes to our mental health, our weight and even our goals. To use the placebo effect on any of these areas, we should focus on the ideal outcome and expect it to happen. Whilst it may take some practise at first, being persistent with it will yield results.

Although there is still some uncertainty in the medical world surrounding the placebo effect, there is no doubt that expecting the best will do us the world of good and it all starts with adopting a positive attitude.

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2 thoughts on “The Placebo Effect: How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body

  1. Very interesting indeed. A good evidence that we should all be thinking positive all the time, and getting rid of negatives thoughts, emotions, people etc, it’s bad for our health!


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