11 New Ideas To Boost Your Creativity

Have you ever felt stuck in a rut? Do you have dreams but no idea how to achieve them? Does life just feel boring, monotonous and repetitive? Well, maybe all you need is to inject a little fun into your day by cultivating your sense of creativity. There are many ways to be creative and it comes in many forms from reading, writing, acting, music to even day dreaming. But sometimes, no matter how hard we try we just can’t summon our creative juices so, if you feel like you could use a boost take a look at the tips below.

Get into the right frame of mind

This is the first key to allowing your creativity to flow. Emotions such as anxiety, anger and irritability will stop your imagination in its tracks so make sure you set a time aside each day to relax.


This is the perfect way to teach your mind to relax. Just 10 minutes a day can help calm your thoughts and de-stress your body making the perfect environment for your creativity to flow. Research shows that mindfulness meditation is the best type of meditation for creativity. Simply focusing on your breath is all it takes to become mindful and direct your thoughts on the present moment.

Step out of your comfort zone.

Do things that you wouldn’t normally do – even if that means just taking a different route to work or visiting different coffee shop. The important thing is to expose yourself to new experiences. Every time we have a novel experience our neurons create new connections making our brain the perfect breeding ground for new ideas.

Get comfortable in nature

Not only is nature calming, it also is inspirational so taking in the world’s natural beauty might help you tune into your creative spirit. It just so happens that green – nature’s most dominant colour – happens to be one of the most creative ones.


Read a little bit everyday, especially books you wouldn’t normally think too. The wider variety of books you read the easier your mind will find thinking of new scenarios or creating new ideas.


To really get your imagination flowing spend a little time drawing. Even just doodling lets your mind wonder and stretches your imagination. Focusing on an activity like this lowers the frequency of our brain waves from beta to alpha – a more fertile environment for producing new ideas.

Free write

Write whatever comes to mind regardless of whether it makes sense.  You may find an idea in the chaos.

Learn a new language

Exposing your mind to a new language teaches it to become familiar with new words and concepts. You may find that becoming bilingual, or even multilingual, helps you to express yourself in different ways.

  1. Mind map

Mind mapping is a great way to break ideas down and learn how to connect them to form different ways of thinking. If writing your ideas in notes, bullet points or paragraph seems a little monotonous, mind mapping might just spark your imagination.

Ask questions

Your mind responds to what it needs. Asking yourself questions about how to solve a problem or come up with a new idea will prompt your mind to find a solution. It may take a few moments, days or even months, but rest assured that your mind is working to bring you the answers that you are looking for if you only ask it to.

Set time aside to just think

A common misconception is that creativity is a talent and whilst that is certainly true for some, it is a skill for many. We can learn to be creative if we cultivate the habit to do so. Set time aside each day to just think. Let your mind wonder and take note of your thoughts.

With a little practice being creative can become second nature, so try out some of these tips and let your imagination run wild!

Image Source: morguefile (hotblack)


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