How Forgiveness Can Heal Your Soul

As the age-old saying goes forgive, but don’t forget. It has become so ingrained in our culture that we rarely realise anymore just how paradoxical a saying this is. The truth is that outwardly extending the olive branch whilst inwardly holding on to the pain we were caused isn’t forgiveness at all. Instead, it is a false forgiveness; one that keeps us tied to feelings of resentment.

But forgiveness has the potential to heal our hearts and nourish our souls. Why? Because it is with forgiveness that we release all of our past hurts and it is only by letting go of these that we can begin to take full control of our lives. When we decide to forgive we make a conscious choice to break limiting thought cycles and instead replace them with ones that make us happier and more content.

The sensitive subjects we try to avoid become weaker until they no longer hold any pain for us, but most of all, forgiveness sets us free. It allows us to release all of the anger, pain and feelings of injustice that we’ve bottled up ever since we decided that we would forgive but quite let go of.

So how do we forgive? We do it wholeheartedly. We do not say that we forgive but profess to hold on to the memories of why we are required to forgive in the first place. However hard it seems, if we are truly going to forgive, we must also forget. Not doing so means we are still holding onto thoughts of resentment, anger and injustice and for this, only we are responsible.

In the most selfish way possible forgiveness should be done for no one but ourselves. It is for our benefit that we forgive; the joy it brings others is a pleasant side effect. So make the decision today to forgive – even if it’s for no other reason than to help yourself. Doing so will open up all the channels to peace and happiness that were blocked by our refusal to let go of past hurts.

Image Source: morguefile (anitapeppers)


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