3 Completely Natural And Effective Ways To Combat Acne

Whether it’s a minor annoyance or a debilitating insecurity we’ve all had the unfortunate experience of acne at some point. For most of us adulthood saw an end to our teenage nemesis, but for some acne still rears its ugly head even well into our twenties.

The occasional blemish before a big date or special night out might be irritating, but for those who put up with it on a daily basis it can be so much more than irksome. A major lack of confidence, an overwhelming sense of hopelessness and an excruciating anxiety of being seen in all our glory are just some of the many side effects problem skin brings.

Whilst it may seem like you’ve tried every trick in the book to banish those blemishes, there’s still one weapon in your arsenal that you may not have considered: nature. That’s right, some of the most effective remedies for even the severest acne can be found in the natural world and they’re more likely stocked on the shelves of your supermarket rather than the chemist. So let’s take a look at some of the natural ways to beat the blemish for good!

Green Tea

It might not come as much of a surprise to hear that green tea is an effective treatment for acne, but what you may not realise is that there is a quicker and more effective way to use it than through your daily tea fix. Drinking green tea can help to reduce spots and sipping it instead of sugar and dairy-laden regular tea will undoubtedly benefit your overall health, but for it to have any meaningful impact on combatting acne you’d need to drink more than just a cup or two a day.

For faster results apply the green tea (after it has been soaked in warm water) directly to your skin and allow the antioxidants to penetrate the problem from the outside in. This may sound unappetising but doing so will almost instantly reduce the size of even the most stubborn spot. Make this part of your routine at least once day or as often as you can and you’ll see a dramatic reduction in outbreaks.


Not just a delicious way to top off your morning fruit and yogurt fix, honey could be the secret weapon in the spot-fighting war (in particular a variety called Manuka honey) due to the amount of antibacterial properties it contains.  Manuka honey comes in various strengths known as UMF (unique Manuka factor) which range from 0 all the way up to 550+ and the stronger the UMF the higher the properties of Manuka found in that particular strain. Given that you can pay handsomely for higher UMF strains, choose the highest strain that you can comfortably afford on your budget.

Like green tea, Manuka honey offers the greatest benefit to fighting acne when applied directly to the skin. Apply a thin layer all over your face and leave for 20 -30 minutes. After, wash off with warm water and pat dry. Repeat the process at least once a day, or as often as you can.

Aloe Vera

Even if you’ve won the war against acne the scars are likely to stick around for a while.  Both green tea and Manuka honey can go some way to soothing these, but they may not completely eradicate them.

Something which may help do the job is aloe vera due to its ability to help the skin’s renewal process. Using a pure aloe vera gel twice a day in addition to your skin care routine, or in place of a moisturiser, will encourage the skin to repair its cells at a faster rate.

It goes without saying that drinking enough water and sticking to healthy diet is incredibly important when it comes to our health, but complementing our diet with a natural skin care routine can bring about quicker results. Try these natural solutions out for a few months and you may find that it’s not just your kind that’s glows but your confidence too!

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