A Simple Meditation For Instant Calm

There are many different types of mediations to practice and regardless of the one you choose, you can pretty much rest assured that it will benefit your mind, body and soul in the same way as all the others. A clearer mind, reduced anxiety, improved happiness and less worrisome thoughts are all common benefits from regular mediation practice whether it’s mindfulness or loving kindness meditation . But there are one or two extra benefits that you may find when practicing a particular mediation; loving kindness is particularly beneficial at developing a deeper sense of compassion, whilst mindfulness mediation has been linked to pain relief.

However, to experience the benefits of mediation the practice often has to be carried out regularly which offers little comfort to those seeking immediate relief from anxiety or worry. But there is a mediation practice that can speed up the process.

A type of Kundalini yoga, this meditation uses specific breathing exercises to induce a sense of calm into the body almost instantly. The recommended time for this meditation is 11 minutes, however, just one or two minutes a day may provide the relief you’re looking for.  Here’s how to do it:

  • Find a comfortable place to sit and cross your legs keeping your back straight.
  • Press your thumb and your index finger together and gently rest your arms on your knees.
  • With your eyes closed, inhale through your nose 8 times. (As this is a new type of breathing for most people reduce the amount of times you inhale to 4 until you become more comfortable with the routine. You can increase to 5 the next time you choose to do this meditation and so on.)
  • After the 8th (or last) inhale though the nose, exhale once. Again this should be done through the nose. Repeat this for the length of the meditation.
  • To end the meditation, take one deep breath in and hold for 10-15 seconds. Then, take another deep breath in holding for 15-20 seconds and gently roll your shoulders forward. Lastly, take a 3rd deep breath in holding for 15-20 seconds and this time vigorously roll your shoulders forwards and backwards.

This meditation can be useful in times of stress, worry and anxiety. Incorporating it into your daily routine will not only reduce the amount of stressful and anxious thoughts you experience, but it will help you to cope with the few that do, inevitably, show up from time to time.

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Like what you’ve read? Help to keep me going 🙂

Like what you’ve read? Help to keep me going 🙂


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