Why Letting Go Of The Past Is The Key To Finding Peace In The Present

Saying goodbye to our past can be difficult. As much as we’d like to leave yesterday’s woes behind us it’s easy to allow them creep into our present moment, especially when we aren’t even consciously aware that we’re letting them.

Every past experience – good and bad – leaves an imprint on us and when undealt with, this has the potential of cutting us off from opportunities in our future. Whether it was being mistreated by someone close to us, losing a source of income or the breakdown of a relationship, holding on to the hurt it caused blocks us from moving forward.

In her bestselling book, You Can Heal Your life, Louise Hay explores the effect holding on to our past can have on our present. She believes that approaching life with the mind-set that because something hurt us in the past we are unable be happy in the present only causes us more hurt than was already administered by someone else. The worrying truth is that we are the only ones sustaining this hurt we feel in the present moment.

But, whilst the past has gone and cannot be changed you do have the power to change the affect it has on you and your life. How do we do this? According to Louise Hay we must first release the hurt we are holding on to. By making a list of all the hurt resentment and anger we still feel we are able to identify what it is we really need to let go of.

The next step is to dissolve the resentment we are still holding on to. A good way to do this is to bring to mind a person you feel resentment or anger towards. Picture them on sat on a stage and imagine wonderful things happening to them. Louise Hay recommends that this exercise is also done with yourself as the focus. After all, we deserve good things too.

To truly overcome any emotional baggage we may have held on to it is important that we forgive. We must forgive everybody we feel may have wronged or mistreated us for our healing to really take place. A beneficial way of doing this to say the phrase ‘I am ready to forgive (insert name) for (insert reason)’ repeatedly out loud. Do this for at least 10 minutes or as long as it takes to completely forgive.

Whilst any hurtful situation will undoubtedly leave scars, allowing them to hold you hostage only guarantees more unhappiness. As hard as it may seem releasing hurt or resentment for good is the only way to bring about the true happiness you deserve. So try out the process described above and allow your healing to begin.

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