The Real Reason Behind Chronic Procrastination

The saying never put off till tomorrow what you can do today might seem easy enough in concept, but for many of us putting off till tomorrow what could be, or should be, done today feels like it’s engrained in our DNA. We convince ourselves that now is not the right time to act; after all, fresh starts are made for Mondays.

But Monday never yields the motivation we’re waiting for. Why? Because the reason we never began what we should have in the first place hasn’t been dealt with.

The reality is that procrastination is a sign that there is something deeper at play. Effectively, putting off what you have to do until the last minute, or not doing what you tell yourself you want to, signals a self-sabotaging attitude as swapping beneficial tasks for something pointless won’t help you achieve your goals in life.

But even though procrastination may have held you back in the past, it doesn’t have to ruin your future – it is completely changeable. Here’s how:

Work On Your Self-Worth

Deep down there is a reason you are holding yourself back and it could very well be a lack of self-worth. People who have a high sense of self-worth don’t tend sabotage their chance of happiness and putting off what you know is good for you is doing just that. So, each day take small steps to improve how you see yourself and what you think you deserve. Compliment yourself, praise yourself and most importantly, stop criticising yourself. Make a commitment to be more mindful of the thoughts and when you notice a criticism creeping in, stop it in its tracks.

Redirect Your Focus

Life doesn’t start after we’ve achieved our goals – it’s happening now, but when we do things solely for the end result we swap the enjoyment of the journey for the pressure of making it to the end. By redirecting your focus from the end-goal and placing it on the task at hand you automatically reduce the pressure you place on yourself. As simplistic as it sounds, the more you try to enjoy your hour at gym the more likely you are to go.

Slow And Steady Wins The Race

Breaking your to-do list down into manageable chunks that can be done when you have a few spare minutes is an easy way to keep that overwhelming feeling at bay. It also gives you a greater chance of ticking things off your list each day – and who doesn’t feel a sense of satisfaction at that?!  Before you know it you’ll have accomplished more than you ever thought you would.

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